Carp Fishing Gear For The Avid Angler

By Cory Feddlestein

Fishing is one of America's biggest pastimes, and that has not changed for hundreds of years. Carp fishing especially is getting more and more popular throughout the USA and parts of Europe. When compared to any other fishing done with a rod and reel, fishing for carp is not all that unique or different. One of the main differences is carp fishing gear. If you want to bag carp, you better learn what equipment accomplishes this the best.

When you think about carp fishing gear, you should be thinking a few things specifically. These being: the rods, bait, and line.

Carp fishing rods can be different from regular or general fishing rods. One of the main differences is generally the length. Most of the carp fishing rods are around 12 feet long. This is designed to give you some serious leverage when you are bagging a big one. They range in price from around $25 for a low end but effective rod up to generally $150. The difference is usually the materials that the rod itself is constructed of, and the weight of fish the rod is slated to be able to handle pulling out.

Bait for carp fishing is huge. You have to be able to entice the biggest carp, and the only way to do that is with the most drawing bait. Some will tell you that general bait used to provoke most fish will suffice for carp, yet experts say you have to get some specifics if you want some serious carp. Some of the more specific kinds include the bait made by K-1 and Kryston, both of which claim to have the perfect concoctions to have you clearing out the water.

You would be surprised by how large carp can actually be. You have to be able to get fishing line that will support large fish. The folks behind Kryston gear also make some serious line to reel in some of the biggest fish in the water. Carp can get up to somewhere between 10-20 lbs., yet they have been known to get as big as 50+. The best thing to do is to prepare as though every carp gets to be 50 pounds, and then you never have the "one that got away" story that no one will believe.

The most important aspect of carp fishing is technique and practice. No amount of great gear will live up to real experience and knowledge. Raw skill comes from practice, and no carp can resist the bait of an angler like that.

So if you are confident in your abilities and just want to get an edge, you should definitely check out some of this incredible carp fishing gear. - 31510

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