A Beginner's Introduction to Carp Fishing Gear

By Tony G. Stevenson

Carp fishing is a popular hobby that has a long tradition in Europe, and is growing in the States, as well. Carp are known to thrive in almost any type of water, making them an easy to find and attractive fish to angle for. All fishermen know that no matter what you're chasing, good angling gear is needed.

One of the most important parts of getting good gear is obviously the fishing rod. A good carp rod will be medium action, and long - generally at least six feet long, although longer can be better. This gives the strength and flexibility needed for carp fishing.

Right after the rod you need to consider the reel. All good reels are open faced, not closed faced, and can hold a great deal of line. At a very minimum, you should be able to spool 150 yards of 12 lb test. More is better, but 150 should be your minimum standard.

Carp tend to like bait as opposed to tackle. While these fish have voracious appetites, they definitely prefer smelly bait to actual plastic lures. So try looking around for quality carp bait.

If you're a beginning carp angler, you may have heard of pods. Pods are basically rod holders that many carpers use to get more than one line out there while waiting for the carp to bite. This isn't a tool that beginning anglers need to worry about, but if carping becomes an obsession, it's something to look at down the line.

Without the right fishing line, the rest is moot. For carp the absolute "lightest" fishing line you want is 12 pound test line. Heavier line isn't a bad idea, either.

While there is big time fishing gear for carp anglers that costs a good deal of money, starting gear can be had for fairly cheap. Carp angling can be a very rewarding hobby that provides many hours of entertainment, making it a cheaper in the long run over many other forms of recreation.

These are some of the basic things you will want to look at when looking at some beginner's gear for carp fishing. Follow the guidelines in this article and you will be looking at some serious success carping in no time. - 31510

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