Why Do The Majority Of Fishermen Like Glow In The Dark Fishing Lures

By Jon Dilis

Did you know non-fishermen came up with the idea of glow in the dark fishing lures? They have worked so well that they have become a fad to fishermen all across America. According to those who have used them, the fish like them better than the others lures even during the day.

Fish that are hungry search for things that catch their attention. Did you know that those pretty, shiny lures you use only look gray under water? Most fish don't even acknowledge them. The glow in the dark lure doesn't need much light to make it shine and flash in the water. That attracts the fish's attention and causes him to bite it.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have glow in the dark lures. Buy a small can of glow in the dark paint that costs a little more than $3. 00. You can choose any color you like, however, most fishermen recommend the bright green. Use the lures you already have, and dip the ends into the paint. Once they dry, spray them with clear spray paint. When they dry, you can take them fishing.

Another idea for making your fishing lures glow in the dark is to just paint certain parts of the lure instead of just dipping the end. It works well, for example, to just paint a few of the scales on a small fish lure or just the eyes. Anything will work that causes the lure to flicker or flash under the water.

You will need to purchase a small black light or fluorescent light when you fish at night with the glow in the dark lures. You can put the lures under the light for two to five minutes, and they will glow for up to eight hours. Even during the day it helps to charge the lure for five to ten seconds before every cast. If it's in a place where the sunlight can't reach it, it will glow anyway.

Fishermen who have used the glow in the dark fishing lures say they catch a lot more fish than with normal lures. Why not try them out and see if they really work? There's no reason why you can't catch more fish, too. - 31510

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